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Dangerous Art
by Dan Kraus


                                                             Who is Dan Kraus?

Dan Kraus's Art is darkness with a twist. First glances show you his love of the macabre, while further study shows you his wit. Beautifully executed and always exciting work shows you our dark side with a scathing sense of humor.


“The artist depicts disturbing, surreal subject matter via expertly rendered illustrations and cheerful pops of color. Kraus plays with the viewer, incorporating hidden shapes and disguised objects lying just beyond surface level observation.”


Mr. Kraus has a passion for surrealism, abstract art, and the macabre, which is prominent in most of his work and draws inspiration from S. Dali, M.C. Escher, and Virgil Finlay.

"I believe art is very personal to each viewer, provoking thought and emotion to be experienced by the individual studying the work. I feel I can captivate and inspire people with shapes in the shadows of my work that will affect everyone differently."  

                                                                                                               Dan Kraus JR

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